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2019 Spring / Summer Collection 


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As BG Store family we address children that follow the fashion as much as adults, with our wide range of colour, size and designs on the way we have set off with the motto of “Fashion is Ageless!” on children’s and babies’ clothing sector. We present the most stylish and fun children’s clothes that fit every season of the year in a vast collection of dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, overalls, coats, shoes, accessories, beachwear and all other outerwear’s and underwear’s to your taste. You can also find the kids products of the world famous brands on our BG Store online shop. Inspired by the parents whose every moment is as valuable as gold and designed for you our BG Store Online shop, is at your service for your children or baby clothing needs and moment! Don’t forget to visit us for our new season products or to enjoy our campaigns!